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If you’re 55 and healthy in the U.S., it’s likely that you’ll live into your late 80s or longer.  If your adult life started at 25, then you’re now only at the halfway point!  And you also might be nearing the end of a long career.  What will you do next?

Time was that folks retired, had a few golden years, and died.  Now you’ve got another 30 years ahead of you (25 if you’re 60 or 20 if you’re 65).  You’re in good health, you’re energetic, you’ve got a mountain of knowledge and wisdom, and you’ve got your investments.  If you’ve been thinking that you’d travel, play golf, putter around in the garden and such — that’s good.  By all means decompress, rediscover life and yourself, let the stress melt away.  That will feel terrific for perhaps a year or two.  And then you’ll go stir crazy.  You’ll want to do something productive.  And you’ll realize you need to be doing something meaningful with the decades ahead.

I’m 60 and have reinvented my life over the past few years.  I’ve assembled what I call my Tapas Life — a bit of this and a bit of that, like the small plates of tasty food served all over Spain (and also pictured at the top of the page).  It took a lot of exploring, and was well worth the effort, as my Tapas Life is quite full, pleasurable, and meaningful.

This blog is me being of service (a meaningful activity) to the millions of people who are (primarily) in their 50s or 60s and who haven’t thought about their future much, or are just starting to, or have been puzzling and might benefit from a new perspective.  I’m sharing my journey to the Tapas Life in the hope that my experience will be useful to you, and that you, too, will find a second adult life you love.  After all, you’re part of the first generation to have the longevity to enjoy this opportunity — pursue it with gusto!

If you wish to read more, I suggest you click on this link Why the “Tapas Life” After Retirement? to start at the beginning, and when you’re done reading click on “Next” at the top of the page to progress from there.  Enjoy.






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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Tapas Life!

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  2. I was linked to your blog from another website (sorry, don’t remember which one) and ended up reading and enjoying every post. I notice that you haven’t posted in quite some time – care to give those of us who’ve enjoyed your blog an update? Whatever happened with your book? Thanks for the inspiring conyent!

    • Hi, Laura. Glad you enjoyed the posts! My co-author and I are just completing the book proposal and then will start meeting with publishers, hoping to find one who will want to get the Tapas Life opportunity to the millions of people who can benefit. I haven’t made any new posts, as I’ve said pretty much what I wanted to. In the book, we flesh it all out more fully and include experiences from the dozens of people we’ve interviewed on the topic. Meanwhile, I’ve cut these 750-word posts into 150-word chunks with pictures and have been posting those at http://www.facebook.com/TheTapasLife in case you wish to see the posts in a different format. Also, that site includes links to other items of interest to anyone interested in the Tapas Life. Again, thanks very much for your kind words.

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