Why the “Tapas Life” After Retirement?

My career was in high tech, mostly as a marketing exec, and also as a general manager.  More specifically, I was in the micro-chip industry, working for several-hundred-million-dollar companies.  This was not a 40-hour work week — more like 50-55, and some worked more than that.

Also, I was (and still am) happily married with a couple of kids.  So, when the kids were small and I got home from work, I got the kids and my wife, Carole, got a break.  The kids and I would play until dinnertime, and after dinner I’d give them their bath and read to them and tuck them in bed.  And then Carole and I had our time together.  And I read the mail and paid the bills and managed finances and so on.  On the weekends, we did kid-related stuff, mostly — sports, birthday parties, family get-togethers, etc.  And we always had a date on Friday or Saturday night, our opportunity to be a couple.

As you may notice, there was no time in here for me.  So I describe these years of my life as a 64-ounce Porterhouse steak, hanging over the edges of the dinner plate, crowding everything else out.

When life circumstances (more on that in a future post) provided me time to start to explore  other aspects of life beyond work and family, I had no idea what to do with the found time and, by and by, there was lots of it.

Through a somewhat guided, somewhat random walk, I found that I had cobbled together a nice assortment of things that I enjoy doing.  One day when asked what I was up to, I said “I’m living my Tapas Life.”  The concept just appeared in my head, fully baked.  My life was no longer the enormous Porterhouse, now it was some of this and some of that — it had become the Tapas Life.

I gradually came to realize what I wrote about in the first post to this blog:  that I might well have another 25 years to live.  Building on the base of Tapas that I had already put in place, the notion crystalized of durable Tapas that would last decades.  Those, too, would eventually come together.

I really, really like the varied Tapas Life I live now — way, way better than the old Porterhouse.  I suppose the Porterhouse had its utility, but I’d have rather found the Tapas Life sooner.  It is so much richer and more interesting and more energizing.  I get to be myself much more fully, live more parts of me, experience so much more of the world around me.  And that’s why the Tapas Life — which you can choose, too!


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6 thoughts on “Why the “Tapas Life” After Retirement?

  1. Pop and I both feel we know you better from reading your blog. it is very honest and revealing and should be an eye-opener for many people. It brings out many points people already know but have probably shoved to the back of their minds. You are leading by example which is a rarity.

  2. Jim Naylor recommended your site. Looks intriguing as I have iust started this new phase of my life.

  3. Referred by Andrea Pflaumer. Terrific blog. I’m liking the tapas life concept, as I’m almost there and it feels as if bit size is just right. Thank you!

    • Glad the TapasLife is of interest to you, Denise. Feel free to give me a holler if I can be of assistance.

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