Here’s something I’d never really noticed very explicitly before:  I have a lot of little tasks or to-dos that accumulate and for which I often have no energy or interest.  And then, once in a while, I have a sudden … Continue reading

TapasLife Talk — An Invitation

My goal here on TapasLife is to get the word out about the possibility of leading a rich, full,  and meaningful life after one’s long career — especially given the longevity that is giving many 2-3 decades of life after … Continue reading

Planning for Future Decades

Of course, I could be dead tomorrow.  Hopefully this won’t happen.  I’m so hopeful, in fact, that I think about the future as though I’ll be around for 2-3 decades.  Imagine being around for another 20-30 years.  Wow.  What on … Continue reading

How Much is Enough?

This is my fourth post on finances — which means this is an important topic in my mind. I live in an affluent community, and so finances, deals, stocks, IPOs and such can easily turn up in a conversation.  Much … Continue reading

A Reminder

Am back online after a month in Australia. And I’m unfortunately reporting the sudden death of a good friend I’ve known for 35 years.  He was in his mid-50s and full of life.  He was an entrepreneur, earned a triple … Continue reading

Myers-Briggs “E” or “I”

Let’s continue riffing on Myers-Briggs.  This time, we can explore the impact on “Introverts” and Extroverts” of transitioning beyond one’s long career. The Myers-Briggs definition of an “E” (extrovert) is someone who is energized by being with other people.  By … Continue reading

Myers-Briggs “P” or “J”

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, aka, MBTI, is used broadly to help sort people by some of their traits.  Some regard the MBTI as gospel, and others as pop psychology or worse.  I personally don’t see it as the be-all and … Continue reading


In the post “Some of Each” I talked about how at any given time some Tapas are doing well and others are a bit wanting.  In this post, the topic is the fact that at any given time some Tapas … Continue reading

Book Progress

This time am sharing progress towards the Tapas Life book.  As you’ve taken some interest in this topic, you actually have a hand in the book’s progress, as you shall see below. As a refresher, the Tapas Life book is … Continue reading

Travel – 2

We just returned from the most complicated vacation we’ve taken — a month across Scandinavia and on into Russia.  Six countries, seven major cities, apartments, hotels, boats, trains, cars, planes, even a guide (in Russia, a new experience for us). … Continue reading


Recently, I mentioned that I had done my first Tapas Life presentation to a group, and my last post was based on some comments I heard at the presentation.  So is this post. When at the end of the talk … Continue reading


You’ve announced that you’re ending your long career.  Coworkers deluge you with “What are you going to be doing?”  When you see friends, they’ll all want to know “What are you going to be doing?”  When you go to gatherings, … Continue reading


This evening I gave my first public presentation on the Tapas Life.  This necessitated putting together a PowerPoint deck, which I do with pretty much all photos — not a bunch of text slides.  After the 6th draft, it was … Continue reading


In earlier posts, I’ve talked about modifying one’s way of being that worked well during one’s long career (Competitiveness) and I’ve talked about finding a meaningful Tapa (Meaningful Tapa Emerges).  What we really have here, on a fuller scale, is … Continue reading


I was eating breakfast with my brother-in-law this morning and at one point in the conversation, he asked me, “Are you competitive?” This got me to thinking about how competitive I’ve been at different times in my life, and in … Continue reading

Family to the Fore

The number of conversations I’ve had with people about the Tapas Life in recent weeks blows me away.  I keep running into folks who are contemplating what to do with their next 2-3 decades of life.  I find it heartening … Continue reading


One of the most important things of all, if you wish to have a happy, healthy post-long-career life, is human connection.  Life quality and length are both badly impacted by a skinny or non-existent social network (not talking Facebook here, … Continue reading

TapasLife Conversation

A few days ago, I met with a couple other guys in my age range (I’m 60) for a conversation about the Tapas Life. This came about because one of the fellows and I had lunch to talk about life … Continue reading

Some of Each

One of the benefits of the Tapas Life is that it is a collection of activities.  This is helpful, because it may well be that at any given moment, some Tapas are going swimmingly and others not so much.  This … Continue reading


The Tapas Life I’m living is really quite excellent.  It has all the aspects I have come to view as necessary in my desired Tapas Life (in no particular order):  meaning, fun, health (exercise/diet), beauty, learning, family, community, comfort, flexibility, … Continue reading

Tapas Life Pioneers

I hadn’t run into any people living the Tapas Life in the regular course of my life.  Yet I found it hard to believe that I am the first to choose to live life in this fashion — lots of … Continue reading

Thinking About Finances

While I’m living my Tapas Life and loving it, it doesn’t necessarily result in much income.  Sure, my Life Coaching Tapa may bring in something like $6K/year.  My little startup could turn into real money.  Or not.  My board work could turn … Continue reading

What Do You Value?

In the last couple of posts, I talked about having found my way to a Meaningful Tapa (in my case, Life Coaching).  And early on in this blog, I wrote about forming my Tapas Life simply by doing things I … Continue reading

Life Coaching

Going into Life Coaching, I was concerned about two needed skills:  Dancing in the Moment (I’ll explain) and Acting on Intuition.  And they were somewhat intertwined.  Here’s why. When I was in my 30s, I decided that I was a … Continue reading

Meaningful Tapa Emerges

As I noted in the last post, I’d figured out that I needed a Meaningful Tapa.  But, I still didn’t know what that was.  Things happen, fortunately, in odd ways, unexpected ways.  Sometimes when one is looking intently, nothing appears. … Continue reading

Something Missing

If you’ve been reading most or all of these posts, you can see that over the period of a few years I’ve built myself an interesting and varied life.  It’s very different from the years when I was working at … Continue reading


With folks waiting a little later in life to get married these days, there’s a good possibility that one parent, usually a Mom, will suspend or give up her career to be at home raising kids for 20+ years.  When … Continue reading

Another Few Tapas Life Days

It feels like I’ve been context-switching pretty constantly for a bit.  That’s one of the things that makes the Tapas Life so wonderful — it never gets boring and things abound that are fresh. Travel:  got back from 5 days … Continue reading


You know how they’re always advertising that some computer or phone has a whizzy new processor that runs at 1.5 or 2.3 or 3.7 Gigahertz (GHz)?  Faster, better, wow. When I completed my long career, I did just the opposite. … Continue reading

Keep Learning

Since leaving my long career, I’ve taken some few classes and courses and attended many lectures on interesting topics.  Oh, and watched lots of TED talks on YouTube, of course (anything by Daniel Pink or Brene Brown is bound to … Continue reading

Jon Nakamatsu

I received an email a few months ago from a 30-something woman seeking homes in which some talented chamber musicians could perform.  She found her way to me as we are both alums of the same hoary Cambridge, Mass., university. … Continue reading

More on Finances — Addendum

I forgot in my last post, More on Finances, to include two things. First, in looking at your income in the future, be sure to count the Minimum Required Distributions you will have from your IRA/401(k) accounts.  Once you get … Continue reading

More on Finances

My two bits here may be useful to you whether your long career is filling your days still or is in your rear-view mirror. I advocate making a spreadsheet of your broad categories of income and of spending.  This will … Continue reading

Tapas Weave

When my wife was earning her PhD some time ago, she had a lot of work to meet a variety of requirements.  One of her profs gave her the advice to “Make it fit.”  What he meant was that with … Continue reading


Yesterday I attended the funeral of my father-in-law’s closest friend — of 60 years.  The service was led by a retired rabbi friend of them both, and the three of them have been part of a poker group for years. … Continue reading


My bike is crappy.  I bought it 10-15 years ago for around $250 at Target.  It is a 21-speed “mountain bike” which I ride on city streets, mostly the flats, but some pretty good sized hills.  I bought it to … Continue reading


One of the things I sometimes see people who have completed their long career doing is to join Boards (boards of directors, that is).  Some seem to want to do something for the greater good and tie up with nonprofits. … Continue reading


You might have noticed that Golf backwards is Flog — appropriate since, for most, that’s what the game is:  flogging a little ball repeatedly around a large green course. I often comment to folks that a common image of retirement … Continue reading


It’s a very powerful thing to believe you can do something.  It’s like the old homily, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”  Championing (perhaps amongst other things) is the act of helping someone … Continue reading

Travel — 1

‘Scuse the reduced post frequency — was traveling most of the month of December.  This is a Tapa to plan for and make happen, as it brings everything from enjoyment to enlightenment. The enjoyment end can be anything from sitting … Continue reading

Too Much Solar Energy

In the last post, I gave an example of trying something out to see if it would feel good and become a part of my Tapas Life.  Unfortunately, it never came to fruition (because I never did get a teaching … Continue reading

Teaching — Didn’t Happen

Eventually, I had the urge to do something more productive, and perhaps to earn a modest buck.  The vehicle that beckoned me was the Environment.  I think that we’re doing significant damage to the planet we all have to live … Continue reading

Playing Catch-Up

You know how there’s very little time for Life Maintenance during your long career?  Especially if you’ve got kids (even big kids) at home?  It seems that quite a backlog of things that need doing accumulates over the years. Well, … Continue reading

A Tapas Life Few Days

Have you ever had a time when your mix of activities is really diverse and interesting?  And you move from place to place, person to person, and it all just flows wonderfully?  That’s what I’ve experienced so far this week, … Continue reading

Exotic Fish

Another get-together.  Maybe 6 or 7 couples.  The guys are over there, talking about sports.  The women are over there talking about kids and shoes.  Beam me up, Scotty! Small talk is not my thing.  And groups larger than around … Continue reading

Finances — Planning During Career

There’s plenty of advice published about how to plan your finances so that you can end your long career.  I shy away from “retire” most of the time, because it has such a do-nothing connotation, and as you can see … Continue reading

Service to the Family

Family’s my most important value.  They always get first dibs at anything and everything.  I sub-optimized my long career in order to be able to be home for dinner every night, to not have to work on the weekends, and … Continue reading

Day Tripper

Have you ever noticed how there are tourist attractions within 50 or 100 miles of where you’ve lived forever — and you’ve never seen them?  Now that you’re done with your long career, you can!  My environs are fortunately the … Continue reading

Giving Back

One of the things you hear people talk about when they are contemplating life after their long career is community service.  This is the concept of having for many years enjoyed the benefits of the community, and now finally having … Continue reading

Enjoying the Arts — Now That There’s Time

Another tapa I put in place is enjoyment of the arts.  This is something I had almost no time for while in the thick of my career and helping raise our kids.  When I ended my long career, it took … Continue reading

A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread

Another activity that used some of my white space was cooking for our family.  When Carole and I swapped roles back in ’02, she immediately left town to Australia for three weeks on business.  It was up to me to … Continue reading

White Space on the Retirement Calendar

I’ve read a fair amount that others have written about retirement.  One of the “challenges” that is often covered is what to do with all that free time.  My kind of challenge!  And yet, it’s not a trivial thing to … Continue reading

Keeping Your Business Brain Alive

As becoming a stay-at-home dad got closer on the horizon, it seemed important to figure out ways of keeping my “business brain” alive.  The truth is that after my long career I was just plain bored with business.  But there … Continue reading

Journey to Retirement: Arriving at the Tapas Life Launchpad

Since around 30, I’ve always believed in pursuing what one wants in life, rather than waiting for it to show up.  After business school, this took me to Dallas in 1980, where the weather is warm (a want) and it … Continue reading

Why the “Tapas Life” After Retirement?

My career was in high tech, mostly as a marketing exec, and also as a general manager.  More specifically, I was in the micro-chip industry, working for several-hundred-million-dollar companies.  This was not a 40-hour work week — more like 50-55, … Continue reading

Welcome to Tapas Life!

If you’re 55 and healthy in the U.S., it’s likely that you’ll live into your late 80s or longer.  If your adult life started at 25, then you’re now only at the halfway point!  And you also might be nearing … Continue reading