You may know from reading these posts (Keep Learning post) that I do a lot of exercise — not to be a jock, rather to stay healthy.  It’s for cardio (biking everywhere) and nerve health (weight machines).  It doesn’t hurt … Continue reading


Here’s something I’d never really noticed very explicitly before:  I have a lot of little tasks or to-dos that accumulate and for which I often have no energy or interest.  And then, once in a while, I have a sudden … Continue reading

TapasLife Talk — An Invitation

My goal here on TapasLife is to get the word out about the possibility of leading a rich, full,  and meaningful life after one’s long career — especially given the longevity that is giving many 2-3 decades of life after … Continue reading

Planning for Future Decades

Of course, I could be dead tomorrow.  Hopefully this won’t happen.  I’m so hopeful, in fact, that I think about the future as though I’ll be around for 2-3 decades.  Imagine being around for another 20-30 years.  Wow.  What on … Continue reading

How Much is Enough?

This is my fourth post on finances — which means this is an important topic in my mind. I live in an affluent community, and so finances, deals, stocks, IPOs and such can easily turn up in a conversation.  Much … Continue reading

A Reminder

Am back online after a month in Australia. And I’m unfortunately reporting the sudden death of a good friend I’ve known for 35 years.  He was in his mid-50s and full of life.  He was an entrepreneur, earned a triple … Continue reading

Myers-Briggs “E” or “I”

Let’s continue riffing on Myers-Briggs.  This time, we can explore the impact on “Introverts” and Extroverts” of transitioning beyond one’s long career. The Myers-Briggs definition of an “E” (extrovert) is someone who is energized by being with other people.  By … Continue reading

Myers-Briggs “P” or “J”

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, aka, MBTI, is used broadly to help sort people by some of their traits.  Some regard the MBTI as gospel, and others as pop psychology or worse.  I personally don’t see it as the be-all and … Continue reading


In the post “Some of Each” I talked about how at any given time some Tapas are doing well and others are a bit wanting.  In this post, the topic is the fact that at any given time some Tapas … Continue reading

Book Progress

This time am sharing progress towards the Tapas Life book.  As you’ve taken some interest in this topic, you actually have a hand in the book’s progress, as you shall see below. As a refresher, the Tapas Life book is … Continue reading