Travel – 2

We just returned from the most complicated vacation we’ve taken — a month across Scandinavia and on into Russia.  Six countries, seven major cities, apartments, hotels, boats, trains, cars, planes, even a guide (in Russia, a new experience for us). … Continue reading


Recently, I mentioned that I had done my first Tapas Life presentation to a group, and my last post was based on some comments I heard at the presentation.  So is this post. When at the end of the talk … Continue reading


You’ve announced that you’re ending your long career.  Coworkers deluge you with “What are you going to be doing?”  When you see friends, they’ll all want to know “What are you going to be doing?”  When you go to gatherings, … Continue reading


This evening I gave my first public presentation on the Tapas Life.  This necessitated putting together a PowerPoint deck, which I do with pretty much all photos — not a bunch of text slides.  After the 6th draft, it was … Continue reading


In earlier posts, I’ve talked about modifying one’s way of being that worked well during one’s long career (Competitiveness) and I’ve talked about finding a meaningful Tapa (Meaningful Tapa Emerges).  What we really have here, on a fuller scale, is … Continue reading


I was eating breakfast with my brother-in-law this morning and at one point in the conversation, he asked me, “Are you competitive?” This got me to thinking about how competitive I’ve been at different times in my life, and in … Continue reading

Family to the Fore

The number of conversations I’ve had with people about the Tapas Life in recent weeks blows me away.  I keep running into folks who are contemplating what to do with their next 2-3 decades of life.  I find it heartening … Continue reading


One of the most important things of all, if you wish to have a happy, healthy post-long-career life, is human connection.  Life quality and length are both badly impacted by a skinny or non-existent social network (not talking Facebook here, … Continue reading

TapasLife Conversation

A few days ago, I met with a couple other guys in my age range (I’m 60) for a conversation about the Tapas Life. This came about because one of the fellows and I had lunch to talk about life … Continue reading

Some of Each

One of the benefits of the Tapas Life is that it is a collection of activities.  This is helpful, because it may well be that at any given moment, some Tapas are going swimmingly and others not so much.  This … Continue reading