A Reminder

Am back online after a month in Australia.

And I’m unfortunately reporting the sudden death of a good friend I’ve known for 35 years.  He was in his mid-50s and full of life.  He was an entrepreneur, earned a triple (!) PhD from a top university, taught, enjoyed a fine wife and kids, and was recently a couple years into a very successful new career buying, fixing up, and renting out vacation spots with his wife.  And he did his fair share of philanthropy, as well.  I will certainly miss him.

No warning, just keeled over suddenly.  I saw him a few months ago when he was in town visiting and he looked, sounded, and was terrific, full of enthusiasm.

This is the second friend I’ve lost in this same fashion, the other being my college roommate, who died in his late 50s a few years ago.  He was pretty athletic.  I guess it can happen to anybody.

So I take this as a reminder to get on a path you love and live it well!

If you need help to get it done, ask your family and friends, talk with them about it.  Maybe get a Life Coach (many out there, including me) who can work with you to put yourself in the life you want to be living.  You know what that life is and you know how to find it and put yourself there — it just takes some digging to pull that out of you, and a Coach can be a helpful partner in that effort.

Don’t wait to build and live the life you want, whether it’s a Tapas Life or any other variety.  Time’s a wastin’…