Book Progress

This time am sharing progress towards the Tapas Life book.  As you’ve taken some interest in this topic, you actually have a hand in the book’s progress, as you shall see below.

As a refresher, the Tapas Life book is part of my Meaningful tapa:  I’m seeking to help the millions of Americans in their late 50s and 60s who haven’t yet realized that they’ve got several more decades of life, and that that additional, unplanned for chunk of time needs some thought, exploration, planning, and emergence.  A Tapas Life is one option for what to do with those years, or some of those years.

My co-author is a professional writer and a great guy.  He has ghost-written a lot of books and this time he’ll be on the cover with me.  We started out with him dragging lots of info out of my head over a period of quite a few hours in several sittings.  Then we worked together on a table of contents for the book, and continued with that until it felt about right (about write?).  I wrote a couple chapters he chose and an intro, so those would be available in my words and tone.  And I’ve been writing this blog for a year, seeking to get my thoughts and experiences written out in, at least, skeletal form.  This will also be material for my coauthor’s much more talented pen (or MacBook, as is actually the case).

Too, at my coauthor’s suggestion, I’ve been conducting 24 interviews of other people nearing the end of their long career or beyond their long career.  This is intended to supply many more perspectives than just my own, adding flesh to the book.  I’m currently halfway through these interviews, and we’ve recently reached the conclusion that we need to work to understand the next dozen interviewees values more deeply and that, as interviewer, I need to probe more into what’s really going on for these folks.

Seeking to draw more people to the blog, to learn more about the Tapas Life, I created a PowerPoint presentation about the Tapas Life, starting with the facts about longevity and continuing through the elements of a Tapas Life and how one can be assembled.  My wife then put me in touch with a wonderful lady who spiffed the prezo up and made it look more professional than I could.  I’ve now presented this to three different groups, apparently to a good reception.  At the latest one, the attendees got an evaluation form, and those forms are coming to me in a few days, so I’ll no doubt learn more.  A couple of people have been kind enough to offer very specific and useful feedback, and I addressing it actively.  Feedback, as my wife says, is a gift, and I receive it greedily.

If you know of a group that might benefit from hearing a Tapas Life presentation, please let me know, as I am keen to get the word out.  If in the San Francisco Bay Area, I do this for free.  I get paid in meaningfulness.  🙂

Next on the roster is to line up a couple of magazine articles to reach a broader audience and to bring more eyes to this blog.

And one day, with plenty of blog traffic, some published magazine articles, a scrubbed table of contents, an intro and a couple of chapters written by my professional coauthor, and a stab at a marketing plan, it’ll be time to go seek a publisher with a book proposal in hand.  The object of all this is to reach lots of people who will potentially benefit from what they read, so we’ll need a publisher with a track record of getting to lots of people.

After that, I will hopefully get the chance to expand my speaking engagements to more audiences, to continue to educate.

As you can see, the Tapas Life book is a Tapa in my own Tapas Life!  I’m investing a lot of energy in this quest.  And I hope it works out, because I truly believe it’ll help many, many people have a better life after their long career.  If it works out well, then this Tapa will have legs and be with me for years.  But it may not.  In which case I will have failed gloriously and I’ll fold this Tapa up and find the next one to take it’s place.  That’s how the Tapas Life’s little dishes work!

As always, if you know someone who might benefit from learning about the Tapas Life, please lead them to this blog.  Your help is appreciated.