Some of Each

One of the benefits of the Tapas Life is that it is a collection of activities.  This is helpful, because it may well be that at any given moment, some Tapas are going swimmingly and others not so much.  This allows one to at least enjoy the good Tapas while working on the ones that need help.  This contrasts with one’s Long Career where, if it’s got big problems, it can make all of life seem pretty bad.

A good analogy is the “balanced portfolio” which is meant to reduce one’s investment risk. With the Tapas Life, one is instead diversifying one’s risk of having no happiness, or no fulfillment, or such.

Right now, I have Some of Each, as in this post’s title.  Some of my Tapas are doing really well.  Others are not where I’d like them.

On the tasty side:  piano, golf, exercise, family/friends, travel, and more.

  • I’m pretty much ready for my piano group recital of Manuel de Falla’s Ritual Fire Dance — a wild and fun piece.  And 5 months into working on Liszt’s La Campanella, I’m where I thought I’d be after 12 months (and still have plenty to do).
  • I set a goal to get back under 90 on the golf course this year and recently shot an 87 (albeit it on an easy course).  Plus my new (from the pro who I took some lessons from) swing is getting more stable, which bodes well.
  • I’m getting a lot stronger at biking and at my workout, moving up the gears on the former and increasing weight and reps at the latter — all of which feels great.  It also led to an inch coming off my waistline.  This all stems from adopting, a few months ago, the program noted in the Younger Next Year book I’ve mentioned, and which my B-school roommate turned me onto.
  • Wife and kids are doing well and are healthy.  Enjoyed a fun visit in Texas with my brother and his wife.  Lots of activities with friends and Exotic Fish.
  • A couple trips ahead in coming weeks and a couple more in planning, for summer and beyond.  All good.
  • Fifth (final?) phase of house tune-up in full swing.  Over the past few years, we’ve gradually undone the signs of 21 years of wear since the last round…

On the needing-condiments side:  coaching, board work, Tapas Life book.

  • I like to have 2-5 Life Coaching clients at any given moment.  I currently have only one active.  One had a family issue which suspended our work;  I hope we’ll start up again sooner rather than later.  A new one who was about to start up decided to do some career-counseling work first.  One who completed the 4-month engagement I enter with clients said they wanted to start anew after some time had passed, but after a couple false starts seems focused elsewhere.  Remember, Life Coaching is my meaningful Tapa, so when it is running on low, I feel it.  I’ve never sought to find clients — they’ve all found me.  Now I’m wondering whether the universe will come through as it has the last couple years, or whether it’s time for some BizDev.
  • A friend requested I join his company’s Board of Directors and, to be a good friend, I agreed.  Part of me is no longer very interested in Business.  But part of me wanted to try some Board work.  And all of me wants to be a good friend.  So, I agreed.  This has turned out to more complex than I imagined and isn’t the easiest thing for the friendship.  It’s also all the stuff I was tired of in Business.  At least there’s some new learning for me, and that always feels good and, in often not-yet-known ways, useful.  But it’s what I call thrash, and that’s something I don’t enjoy very much at all.
  • I want to get the Tapas Life book out there to help folks (as per the intro post on this blog).  And I’m making progress on interviewing the 24 people/couples I need to in order to provide richness to the book (10 down, 15 to go).  It’s just soooo much work.  And we really need to get some magazine articles out there to increase readership of this blog.  I’ve signed up to do a talk with a group about the Tapas Life, in order to increase readership of this blog — and now need to create that talk and the photo-laden PowerPoint that goes with it.  (ANY HELP INCREASING READERSHIP OF THIS BLOG WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

It’s certainly true that the needs-condiments issues I’m grousing about are First World problems.  Can’t blame a guy for seeking to live the best possible life, eh?

If you choose to assemble a Tapas Life of your own, you will soon appreciate this “life portfolio” strategy’s benefits.  And they are big ones!